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Real-Time Dynamic QoS Orchestration UC Network Environments

Nectar Evolution helps enterprises take advantage of the full power of the network while saving time, money, and resources


cisco_strategic_relationshipsBased on years of experience in SDN and a deep history of providing advanced software solutions to monitor, manage, and diagnose multi-vendor UC environments, Nectar has developed Evolution – industry game-changing software that substantially improves overall end-user Quality of Service (QoS) for Cisco UC environments, as well as multi-vendor UC platform deployments which include Microsoft Skype for Business and other third party ecosystem applications.  Further, Nectar Evolution dramatically reduces QoS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with up to 10 times savings in operating expenditures.

Designed for enterprise IT professionals and service providers alike, Nectar Evolution is the first UC-aware software product of its kind to deliver unified QoS automation and verification across a Cisco wired or wireless infrastructure.  It utilizes the company’s dynamic, rules-based policy engine in conjunction with Cisco’s Application Policy Infrastructure Controller-Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) to set and remove policy for end-points that register or de-register from a Skype for Business and Cisco UCM system.   The Cisco APIC-EM then configures the network to apply the QoS policy for the end-point, regardless of whether it is connected to a switch or to a wireless access point. Nectar Evolution provides Real-Time QoS Provisioning and Secure QoS by automatically configuring QoS policy on new or existing endpoints and network devices.




Unparalleled Benefits

By automating previously manually-implemented best practices, Nectar Evolution ensures that a registered UC user receives the proper QoS treatment anywhere in the network – providing a truly consistent and optimum voice, video, conferencing, and collaboration experience.

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership – Nectar Evolution provides automated QoS when an authenticated and registered user enters or leaves their UC environment.  It eliminates the need for on-going QoS changes throughout the network infrastructure.  Additionally, Evolution enables up to a 36% time savings in network operations, which translates to 36% more time that’s available for business innovation.

Improves the Overall UC & End-User Experience – By designating and assigning the proper QoS to a registered user, the UC environment can operate at the highest performance standards, thereby improving the overall user experience.

Utilizes a UC Device Agnostic Configuration – By leveraging the Cisco APIC-EM, Nectar Evolution ensures that the user receives the proper QoS treatment regardless of the type of UC device they are registering with or currently using.

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As enterprise organizations continue to face new and complex operational challenges within their evolving UC landscape, Nectar is poised to deliver unparalleled business value by helping enterprise businesses and service providers maximize existing technology investments, manage multi-vendor network complexity, mitigate cross-platform security risks, and achieve quantifiable cost savings across global, unified communications systems.