UC Diagnostics (UCD)

Advanced Monitoring, Management, Reporting and Diagnostics

SS UCD_MUC Diagnostics (UCD) helps manage multi-vendor network complexity, maximize existing technology investments, and achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). By providing complete IP network information correlation and comprehensive insight into cross-platform Unified Communication (UC) issues, Unified Communication Diagnostics (UCD) offers faster resolution of UC problems and a superior end-user experience.

UCD provides real-time visibility into the quality of the UC user’s voice, video and signaling media experience by unobtrusively monitoring content, session, and network topology data, then automatically transforming and correlating this information. These correlations enable a help desk agent to associate specific user-reported complaints instantly to any events in any part of the network.
UCD’s proactive trend identification and ability to accurately localize and eliminate issues reduces problem resolution time by more than 70%.

Key UCD Features

Real-Time Media Monitoring

  • Instant visibility and analysis of active calls to demonstrate the true end user experience.
  • Facilitates media fault isolation to quickly ‘bracket’ the source of performance problems.

Signaling Analysis

  • Enables site-based session tracking and reporting to help identify systemic vs local failures.
  • Insight into Complex Call Flows allows rapid identification of all legs of a call.
  • Automatically captures session signaling packets for quick debugging.

Network Path and Event Correlation

  • Shows the network path of each media session by router and audio packet monitoring.
  • Identifies poor call quality causes and provides immediate notification of relevant network events.
  • Identifies and alerts on bandwidth utilization and packet drop for interfaces carrying media sessions.

GUI and System Management

  • Pulls together all UCD capabilities via a comprehensive, correlated ‘single pane of glass’ view.
  • Provides an easy-to-interpret presentation of all events and user experience metrics.
  • Facilitates fault isolation and problem resolution.
  • Reduces the need for expert resources to analyze events and identify the root cause.

Key UCD Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring and management of Skype for Business/Lync QoS and User Experience
  • Integration of Skype for Business and Lync into existing Avaya, Cisco and Nortel UC networks with a single monitoring solution
  • Graphical depiction of all Lync performance data
  • Ability to provide more effective, usable data for trending and diagnostics
  • Identification of incorrect network settings/utilization within the network
  • Immediate notification of network events impacting Skype for Business and Lync
  • Real-time media analysis of Skype for Business and Lync voice and video sessions
  • Site-based performance trending and reporting
  • Unique insight into Skype for Business and Lync conferencing sessions and issues
  • Ability to quickly bracket the source of performance problems
  • Analysis of SIP signaling including ability to export signaling packets to display ladder diagrams
  • Root-cause analysis and alarm management capabilities
  • Advanced analytics across multi-vendor UC platforms

Ability to save customers time, resources, and money, thereby speeding the adoption of Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync deployments

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