UCFUC Foundation

Superior Health & Performance Monitoring & Management

SS UCF Dashboard_MUC Foundation (UCF) delivers exceptional system health and availability through a single 360-degree view of all voice and data assets. This centralized approach combines customizable dashboard views, business-centric customer notifications and alarm and performance data for service responders – all in real-time. Dashboards can be customized to suit the needs of different users, including IT support personnel and/or executive staff.

By focusing on the entire UC ecosystem via integrated capabilities such as resource trending and utilization, capacity monitoring and planning, and comprehensive reporting and advanced analytics, UC Foundation enables comprehensive troubleshooting for measurably enhanced performance.

Key UCF Features

Application Specific Knowledge Library is an in-depth collection of management and monitoring software that can interpret alarms and perform interactions to provide IT teams with an informative snapshot of business critical functions. Designed to help an enterprise customer’s UC network get up and running in minutes, instead of days or weeks, it includes both live and historical data collection.

Dependency Trees provide a visual representation of all the components, services, and integration required to deliver an application to enterprise customers. It shows what is working, what is not, and which users and/or departments are affected. This context-sensitive display identifies any broken link in the chain, so remediation efforts can be completed in real-time.

Dashboards equip your network specialists with highly detailed, real-time information in a format that allows you to track all aspects of network performance and status.

Robust Reporting and Advanced Analytics capabilities provide in-depth historical reports, allowing you to track device performance and resource utilization trends.

Key UC Foundation Benefits

  • Auto/Active Discovery – Constant communication helps keep an up to date device list.
  • Detailed Inventory – Automatic hardware/software/firmware discovery enables dynamic updates.
  • System Dependency Hierarchy – Correlation logic maps elements and applications to individual business processes and creates dynamic dependency trees.
  • Phone QoS – Manufacturer provided quality information and reporting.
  • Performance & Capacity – Real-time and historical performance and trending and alerting.
  • Dashboard Views – Multiple events and alarms are aggregated and presented in dashboards, which are easily customized to meet business and technical needs.

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